transcranial magnetic stimulation

cijadra at cijadra at
Sun Apr 26 22:26:35 EST 1998

>> It is easy to call something nonsense without specifying what is not
>> correct about what the other one says.
>Your little stories of transmitting brain waves sort of proves my point,
>I think.
>> >Honestly speaking, you might need a little brush up-course on
>> >neurophysiology.
>> >--

About your refusal to give it:

So you are not specifying what exactly is wrong nor are answering
questions that I have.

My, I can see the power of your "thinking".

If you are too dumb to understand how to transmit and receive
brainwaves (though you are right in thta it are not just waves), then
I recommend that you do not just a bush up course on that, but learn
it in the first place.
Sort of brushing up on the last several thousand years of research
into the human mind and magic, lol.

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