Signals in the brain

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Mon Apr 27 21:00:37 EST 1998

In <35444E58.34BC5443 at> Dirk Wessels <d at> writes: 
>F. Frank LeFever wrote:
>> Learn a few basics the normal way and then see if you have questions
>> which cannot be answered that way.
>We learn a lot of hypotheses/ models without the factual data.
>This factual data is what I am interested in.

Frank's commment:
 plenty of factul data in books or journals (when you are ready for
scientific journals; start with elementary textbooks).

>Is there some available on the net, or do I really have to
>go to a medical university (in an other town).

Frank's comment: the Low Country is very small and transportation very
good (I've used it).  When I've been in Australia, "other town"
required much time and effort to reach; not so in Pays Bas.

Need not be medical school.  Other university libraries or book stores
may suffice, or perhaps even a good public library--as a STARTING
point.  What you get on the web is often nonsense (e.g. the guy
"surfing" brain waves) and likely to be fragmentary or uneven in level
in any cased--hard to beat a book for masses of factual data!

>    Dirk
And to you--good luck!


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