transcranial magnetic stimulation

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Tue Apr 28 12:27:23 EST 1998

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> About your refusal to give it:

Yes, I did refuse to give you a brush up course. Readers of this group
are supposed to have at least basic knowledge of neuroscience. I might
be wrong but your writings about transmission of 'brain waves' and magic
suggests that you do not have such basic knowledge. Therefore, I
recommended some literature. I repeat my suggestions:

Schmidt RF. Neuro- und Sinnesphysiologie, 3. Auflage. Heidelberg:
Springer Verlag, 1998. - I like it !

Kandel et al. Principles of Neural Science is also a very good

Read the first one if you know nothing of neuroscience. Use the second
one if you need something more advanced.
Venlig hilsen

Brian Bjørn, skolarstipendiat

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