sneezing in the sun?

DK cooper17 at
Tue Apr 28 05:40:33 EST 1998

I have no idea why this happens, but it certainly happens to
everyone I've met. I use it: sometimes I need to sneeze, and the
damn thing just won't come. Just glancing at a bright light does
the trick. Sometimes an incandescent light bulb of 70 watts or
more is enough; usually it needs to be a brighter light. I have
found that bright reflections also work: a spray of sunlight off
the side of a shiny glass, for example. Going from a normally
lighted, or dark, interior into bright sunlight also makes people
sneeze. I hope some of the theories as to *why* are clearly
discussed in the post in German,
which I, sadly, cannot read.


P.S.: Are you saying this does not happen to you? I would find
that fascinating!

ea1242 at wrote in message
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>Recently I heard about people who sneeze if they are looking
>(glaring)light, for example the sun. Is this right, and who
could tell me the
>Thank you!
>Matthias, Germany
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