transcranial magnetic stimulation

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Mon Apr 27 18:22:45 EST 1998

>Yes, I did refuse to give you a brush up course. 
Then do not suggest it.
(Apart from that you would not know the answers to a lot of questions
I have, anyway.)

> neuroscience. I might be wrong but your writings about transmission of 'brain waves' and magic
>suggests that you do not have such basic knowledge. Therefore, I
>recommended some literature. I repeat my suggestions:
>Schmidt RF. Neuro- und Sinnesphysiologie, 3. Auflage. Heidelberg:
>Springer Verlag, 1998. - I like it !
>Kandel et al. Principles of Neural Science is also a very good

Ah, so there they'll tell me the neuro-terms for telepathy and magic?
I am impressed.
So far I had been under the impression that the neurops were laggging
back several thousand years behind other branches into the mind in
those areas.

And, by the way, I do not think I ever wrote much about the
transmission process itself.

On a level that's not my data, as someone put it into my brain at my
request a few months ago. He also programmed in there how to transmit.
That's more like someone making really poor copies of beautiful,
fascinating videos he has, and me showing the poor copies to some
friends or some paying folks and having to explain to them how to
perceive a lot of the scrambled copies.

But I did not construct the video, speaking in figures of speech.

However looking at how he transferred the stuff I have seen something
that few can and will see and that with people like you is no point
talking about.

You know, a lot of neurology does not interest me because for me it is
like taking a look at a cat from the distance 
and then watching someone blind feeling the tail of the cat and
writing down the exact hair numbers and bone numbers, and then feeling
the a... and descrinbing the smell,
yet never really reckognizing the cat.

And I might just look at the blind examining the poor cat forever and
telling me how little I know about the single hairs and mentioned
smells, and I might just grin inside at his efforts and on and off
look if he found out something that actually seems worth to strain my
brain to understand, while he is forever wondering what the whole
might be.

And while he is torturing one cat forever to find out about it, I
might go and play with many different others.

Was there not some part of a cat poem, something like:
... and you might think I am as mad as a hatter
if I tell you...

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