Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

Gary Forbis forbis at
Wed Apr 29 01:33:39 EST 1998

Keeva Speyer wrote:

> Lyle Bateman wrote:
> >Conversely, there are things I can do that you cannot teach an
> > existing electronic computer to do (such as understand plain English and respond in an
> > intelligent (OK, a topical) fashion).
> Not yet, that is what AI is all about.

When I was a kid I tied a milkbone (a cracker treat for dogs) to my dog's tail.
She chased her tail for quite some time.  My mom made me remove the milkbone
from my dog's tail.

I think computers will someday be able to converse in English to at least a limited
extent.  I'm not sure this is what AI is all about.  Human behaviors are quite complex
and subtle.  If one hopes to attain human level performance in an AI one probably
doesn't see  the connection between the required set of behaviors and behaviors

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