"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

cherzack herzack at kolumbus.fi
Wed Apr 29 23:29:18 EST 1998

Ray wrote in message ...
>You believers in the physical and extraterrestrial origins of aliens and
>ufos have had more than 40 years to prove your case.Many Ufologists and
>paranormal investigators are quietly abandoning the ET hypothesis.May I
>suggest reading John Keels The eighth tower for starters.Follow that up
>Dr.Jaques Valle's "messengers of deception".You will find many answers in

Really, Ray,
where have YOU been all this time? It's more like 4000 years!

What -ists, researchers, scientists and investigators assume or abandon
proves nothing. How many concepts, beliefs and 'facts' have been rejected by
the majority, then accepted, then hailed as the only possible, then suddenly
trashed again, in favour of new theories?
Right now, I'm working my way through a lenghty 'report' called "ANATOMY OF
A HOAX: The Philadelphia Experiment Fifty Years Later". Though not rejecting
the possibility of such phenomena, I'm not yet quite convinced that it has
actually been done - after all, the story does seem more like fiction than
science as we know it. Then again, what do we really know about the true
nature of gravity, time-space, multiple dimensions etc.? And what do we know
about paranormal powers, their basic nature being, that they can't be
detected by the instruments and methods of traditional science?

As to ETs and UFOs, the completely improbable alternative is that there
should NOT be other intelligent life-forms in the universe, in our own
galaxy, or maybe even within less than a hundred light years from here. And
as I suggested in an earlier posting, the UFO people (if they exist) might
even be from this planet - survivors from a civilization that already did
what we are doing now: let technical development run wild until somebody
pushed the wrong button. (There has been plenty of time for another or
several such civilizations to evolve and vanish, giving nature time to
recover and erase the traces in between.)

- chris

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