Rickert on embedded computation (was re: science of consciousness.)

Neil Rickert rickert at cs.niu.edu
Thu Apr 30 12:26:26 EST 1998

patrick at gryphon.psych.ox.ac.uk (Patrick Juola) writes:
>In article <6ia69h$lic at ux.cs.niu.edu> rickert at cs.niu.edu (Neil Rickert) writes:
>>patrick at gryphon.psych.ox.ac.uk (Patrick Juola) writes:

>>>Any programmer who routes a "part of the computation" through the
>>>I/O channel as anything other than a source of random numbers is,
>>>well, crazy.  

>>Damn.  Then those MRI scanners must just be using random numbers.

>As far as the software is concerned, they do.  Otherwise the software
>would crash if they ever turned it on *without* a human in the machine.

In other words, the software is completely inexplicable under the
model you are using.  For it seems to be searching in a set of random
numbers for a pattern which statistically should not be there.

You again make my point that TM cannot properly model this kind of

Next you will be telling me that, for all practical purposes, the
contents of the disk drive (which is connected through an I/O
channel) is a table of random numbers.  So much for the theory of

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