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Thu Apr 30 11:58:59 EST 1998

On Wed 4/29/98 11:12 +1000 Keeva Speyer wrote:
> Hermital wrote:
> >
> What do you mean by "humankind is not the measure of all things". I
> don't see any relivance. Sure we're not the centre of the universe but
> what has that got to do with the fact that we can emulated the general
> structure of our mind, therefore making the emulation of the function of
> our mind more likely.
I addressed the issue of emulation in this thread yesterday and again
earlier today (a few minutes ago).  

Please allow me to suggest that you read John Beloff's excellent series
of 5 papers on the Mind/Body problem at to help clarify
the difference between the organic brain and intangible mind.

> > Furthermore, consciousness, per se, has yet to be satisfactorily
> > defined.
> > See further
> We're talking about intellegence. We don't need to define it to
> recognise it anyway, I know your intellegent. The turing test will do as
> a preliminary test of intellegence.
Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion.

> I'm sorry, I found your site, illogical, vauge and very highly
> speculative and even more metephorical. Can you briefly state your main
> arguments against an agorithmic ;) mind. My mind isn't made up on the
> matter but I'm totally in the dark as to your arguements.
Again, my view was posted in this thread yesterday and again today under

> > Within the sub-light-speed spacetime continuum of our synergistic
> > material universe, higher order information produced in the
> > transcendent continuum of conscious energies devolves and directs
> > both the organization and the evolution of lower order aggregations
> > of energy called matter.
> Why do you think this?
> Why do you suspect a "transcendent continuum"? And what do you mean by
> it?
> What is "higher order information"?
> What is "conscious energies"? I don't see the link between the two.
> What about non-matter energy?
Hmmm.  I thought the answers to your questions were self-evident in my
suggested writings.  I reckon I'll have to try to clarify it.

> Please don't refer me to your site. I'm unable to find either a logical
> argument or plausible evidence there.
You control you and I control me.  If you do not choose to read what I
offer, take responsibility for your own life and use your delete button.
Spontaneous self-organization is to the life sciences 
as perpetual motion machines are to physics.
Consciousness, Physics and the Holographic Paradigm:

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