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On Thu 4/30/98 10:08 -0400 Jim Hunter wrote:
> Hermital wrote:
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>  >                              Noncomputational
>   Algorithm to emulate all thoughts.
>      Given thought T, think "T".
>      QED, ex post facto, and excelsior.
Sure.  No problem.  ;^) 

Actually, the words I wrote yesterday were a rough draft.  The smooth
copy follows: 


                         is not the measure
                         of all things.
                         is only the measure 
                         of human things.
                         Human beings
                         are material in origin.
                         The organic brain
                         is also
                         material in origin. 
                         In higher mathematics
                         and computer language,
                         an organic brain can
                         in principle
                         be emulated
                         by a single algorithm.
                         Organic brains
                         and intangible
                         conscious minds
                         are generated
                         on different levels
                         of conditional relativity.
                         per se,
                         is a transcendental
                         of physical energy.
                         Each conscious mind
                         is a transcendental
                         of unique thoughts.
                         is noncomputational.
                         is noncomputational.
                         Neither thought
                         nor mind
                         can be emulated
                         by a single algorithm.

                             - Alan Williams

Consciousness, Physics and the Holographic Paradigm:

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