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Wed Apr 29 17:35:06 EST 1998

rajt at (Raj Thomas) wrote:

>Someone who claimed to be cijadra at wrote:

- I did not write that, someone else wrote that:

>>>( stub ) SLEEP ( calls subroutine DREAM) 
>>>( stub ) EMOTION ( calls subroutine INSTINCT )
>>>         THINK ( calls EXAMINE; will call LANGUAGE )
>>>( stub ) VOLITION ( calls MOTORIUM, thence LOCOMOTION )
>>>         SENSORIUM ( calls AUDITION ).

And I commented, only you warped it, by leaving stuff of the original
discussion out,
my comment having to do that I disagree with the way he is seeing the
main devisions of the mind.

>>Main devisions?
>>And sleep and dream are together, and emotions are subsegregated into
>Please keep this rubbish out of comp.arch.

It was not meant to go there, I just pressed RE, without paying
attention to whomever had written the first stuff had sent it too.
And if you think it is rubbish, then you could at least say what
exactly of what I criticized in the other one's text was not correct
and why, and what is the correct version.

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