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Thu Apr 30 09:56:40 EST 1998

>> Ah, so there they'll tell me the neuro-terms for telepathy and
>> magic? I am impressed.

You are not good in understanding sarcasm, are you.

> they will 
Why continue the sentence, you just admitted, THEY DON'T GET IT.

I could as well read Carlos Castaneda and get more data.

That has been around for ages and you still did not get it.

>> So far I had been under the impression that the neurops were
>> laggging back several thousand years behind other branches into the
>> mind in those areas.

>True - Scientific research is singularly unsuited to bolstering the claims
>of shamans, tricksters, con-men and frauds, and does little to support
>wishful thinking.

You are evading that you are not even understanding some of the most
basic principle behind magic and telepathy.
Kiddy stuff that elsewhere some of the 5-year-olds understand.

That your measure instruments are not able to catch many of the waves
is speaking for the shittiness of them.

And shamans of some region have the reputation to be among some of the
greatest mind researchest and fast balancers of people with mental
with data going back thousands of years though a lot pretty destroyed
by the Christians and killings.

Within dreamtime using for perception they are holding one of the very
highest reputations of Earth.

>> And, by the way, I do not think I ever wrote much about the
>> transmission process itself.
>I can understand that. The first step would be to _demonstrate_ there was
>a `transmission process' before attempting to elucidate its

No, that is the second step.
The first one is that you generate.
Your logic again fails you.

(Actually even before that there is something else that feels more
like focussing and perceiving energies and then sort of shifting
energy gears inside, and then getting the tuning and sending a little.
I basically don't send full power (which is still not getting much
further than 2m) until the other one is down enough in energy and has
the focus right. Else it is a waste of power.
I know few things that are more exhausting than that.)

And to understand it better I believe I'd not need to send to research
it, but if I really ever was out for that (which I am not sure I am,
at least not at the moment, I'd pay a high innner price for that that
you'd not even understand in many areas of my brain if I take loads
like that) 
then in the start to wait until I have money, go to Switzerland, get
some clean stuff, take hell of a hammerload to a good blocker effect
between the areas, before already train sober segregating as far as I
can, blast enough in that the sectors go as far off-line but I am
still in central control if I want to, and then before nag the most
powerful sender I know - though it would bore him to death, tried
something similar before and he refused , though I nagged him several
times -  to hold one level very long and then like in slow-time change
between two settings, then the first one and another, then the old
ones again,  and in between hold ages.

He might have to train that, too, because breathing, moving and so on
tends to alters the energies in the brain, and it would have to be
very steady.

And then I'd have to try to segregate sectors and look exactly at them
weird wave fields sector for sector.

Already there I do not know if I can still do that, since the
concussion can't do  it very well and sometimes just get a blasting
headache in the damages sectors; they don't seem to appreciate if I do

And in case I get them singly then first study function changes cause
that would interest me personally ways more than the stuff you folks
are after, and then I might pick the one where I have the feeling I
have the clearest subperception and ask him to alter frequencies
wildly, then have him stop if there is an interesting one and look at

If I get that into range and if it is one of the sectors where I have
central command I should be able to make subareas react with what is
coming in. Then I might perceive stuff about sending.

But I never managed single cells, cluster was smallest I recall.
And that was not exactly voluntarily (if you mess something up ion
certain ways a cluster starts to pulse and then spreads and then you
get sort of some epileptic whatevers if you are not hells fast in
"shutting down" the entire area around the pulsing one and power the
rest up to different stuff and get the rhythm causer away. ...But
anyway, if you messed some experiments up for real andif it's
prestage-epileptic then you can see a cluster VERY clearly...)

And to my estimate that would be absolutely good luck if I can
segregate them that far, would cost me hell of a power if I manage,
would exhaust the other extremely to attempt to hold fairly precisely
(might need several tries and after each I  need many weeks of a

And all in all the whole would not even interest me that much, so I
doubt I'd ever do it. Too much damages, too much strain, results too
unlikely. I do not care much how I send exactly, for me it is far more
important to become better in getting the receivers to  get their
brain to the right stages that I can get all through and to their
occipital banks, and that for me is ways more important.

(You are lacking the practical sides of things. 
You are like someone who when wanting to play piano is not wondering
about how to find beautiful tones while palying but why the fingers to
where they go, always hacking the same tone with one finger to find

What interests me ways more that the generating is which sector is
reacting with what wave-patterns to certain sendings.

And that is a freaking temptation.

Maybe in some years I have the money and the connections to get
someone in Switzerland to get clean stuff and nag the men who is good
in sending that it IS important and get him to train holding for a
long time.

You are too... to get it, cause you cannot go by feeling, but by
feeling there is something to the different wave patterns and the
external frequencies that become visible with them  and the connection
between that  and the different reactions of the sectors to that  and
the function changes within  that is ways more important to me than to
start absolutely result-unlikely attempts to perceive in cell-range.

There is just a bunch of memories of far to fast changing settings
where the sectors are semi-segregated and react very differently and
there are very differnt wave forms and different pressure feelings
with them, and sometimes nearly like odd tones with the waves, but not
like normal tones.
And that one I'd like to see in slow version.
Unfortunately I hardly know the man who can do the according

But if that one would be run over years in theories and by several,
that might become ones of the coolest magic neuro researches ever run
in history.

I doubt I'll see that in the time of my life, but if I can I'll make
sure that some of the other get the potential behind.
If one could scan for the sectors singly to what extent they can
perceive what on the long run and test the entire range of single
sectors at different energy stages + the outside reactions of
energies, that would be neat data.

Not to your standards. Of course.

>This is bionet.neuro*science*, not
Odd, usually seems like the latter.

...And actually in the whole thing if YOU get it does not interest me
that much, as arguing is like with a blind one insisting that I have
to prove to him that the mountain is that that I want to climb with
someone the next days and calles me blithering lunatic cause HE can't
see it, which says a lot about himself.
If you are not useing your senses that is your problem.

To go around and insult others cause YOU are to dumb what half the
planet knows is speaking for you.

To say that there is no magic at all is like someone in another
country who can't read and write saying that there is no physics at

Just that most of us are too lazy or dumb to control their fields
well, does not mean that everybody else is.

The day I have one of my paying customers complain I might take it
serious. Oddly enough none of them so far had serious complaints...
There are those, who unlike you, know very well what it is worth if
someone reprograms their brain to understand more about the magic
perception ranges and who are acutely aware that there are very few
who can tranfer brain data directly about that  in Germany, ... 

Though of course being one of the few teaching that in Germany if
someone pisses you off too much you can just tell them to seek another
teacher, und Tschuess!

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