"Abductions" DO NOT exist :scientists should fight this crap,like Carl Sagan did

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Thu Apr 30 00:24:03 EST 1998

Michael Miller <mikemiller at home.com> wrote:

>Well, yeah witches exist. I dont believe the broomstick bit, but in
>Arachaic times, the witches were the "druggies". They inggested Datura,
>Thornapple, and other pyschoactive plants. Thats why early christians
>were scared of them and burned them at the cross.

If you would understand magic and sense-enhancing drugs and Christian
policy you would understand at least in theory how one fllies, how to
kill people with magic, what additional frequency ranges & powers
certain sense enahncing drugs give a trained person, etc.
And if you would look at history and change your points of view you
might notice that the point of official declaration of Christianity
and till when the old gods were still prayed to are centuries apart,
that Jesus used magic to heal and that one makes less money and has
less power if the local healers of another religion can explain you a
lot about his healing ways and deeds and that an effective way to get
rid of troublesome folks of the religion before is to kill them and an
effective way to protect yourslef against magical attacks to forbid
the senses leading to magic and kill all that use them for many
That is why YOU don't understand flying anymore nor magic.

You do not use the senses leading to magic and do not understand what
trained people can do with them.

>twitchb at worldnet.att.net wrote:
>> "Etherman" <etherman at mdc.net> wrote:
>> >
>> >I've known several witches. 
An easy way to know if someone is just waving a big name or is
actually practicing magic is to run a scan of their fields and focus
on the halo as well.
Then you know, and if they scan back you get an idea of their ranges
and powers.

>> Ah, but the reports say that the witches ride broomsticks,
>> make cows dry up, bring on disease, etc.

Even though I can't do them I can get the first and last bit, but how
does one make a cow dry up?

(And if it is really possible I wonder how many poor cows were abused
to figure that one out.  Heard a rumour that someone in South America
figured out the trick to make a tree let all leaves fall.
Mean, but I had a good laugh at the thought.
That'd be a billion macho-bragging points!
And I wondered if someone managed how he worked that one out...
And how you have to aim what into which tree.

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