What's wrong with me? Neuroproblems

Steve Paskay stevelicia at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 30 22:45:12 EST 1998

 I have a good friend (female, about age 50) who is having some kind of
> neurological problem. Since last Thursday (April 23rd) whenever she laughs
> outloud she falls apart, has trouble breathing and almost faints. Also
> when she coughs, she gets weak in the knees. Also, one side of her face is
> very sensative to touch and heat. She's never had this problem before.
> She's been in the hospital since Monday, MRI, spinal tap etc. Everything
> comes up negative. The doctors cant figure out what's wrong with her.
> Within the last year she's traveled to China and India, but she travelled
> first class so,I doubt, she roughed it in any way.
> Any ideas as to what is wrong with my friend, or what can be done about it?
> Please post here to this newsgroup.

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