"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

cherzack herzack at kolumbus.fi
Thu Apr 30 20:26:02 EST 1998

TW wrote in message <3548ae8c.12910093 at news.cc.utah.edu>...
>I don't really want to argue but if you think we were created by
>aliens unlike ourselves then you are mentally and spiritually
>challenged to say the least.  Besides the fact that the theory of
>evolution is a load of crap, and so are alien abductions, if the
>created us the they put the DNA in us that they wanted there in the
>first place not in the early man but in the bacteria that crawled out
>of the ocean.  Anyways, alien abductions are the stupidest things I
>have ever heard of .  Keep it in the movies and get a life.  If you
>don't know about God then I can understand your misinformation and
>misguided theories.  I hope you find God soon.  Good luck!!
>BTW God created us all.  The only other beings out there are other
>humans on other planets like this one.

Knock knock, TW - anybody home?

You don't. Argue, I mean. It's more like a fit of nausea over ideas you
don't like and can't handle.
First, I didn't say the aliens CREATED us - assuming there were aliens
involved at all, they might have 'modified' the genetic material then at
hand, just like our scientists are doing now (it's just a matter of time
when they start messing with human genes). Second, who said they were (or
are) more unlike us than we are unlike chimpanzees? Third, it wasn't
bacteria crawling out of the ocean, but some fish type species, and most
likely the aliens weren't around at that stage. Fourth, if any aliens
actually exist around here, the abduction idea isn't that far out - our
researchers will do exactly the same if they ever find another planet with
less developed life on it. Besides, I said nothing about abductions.

"...the fact that the theory of evolution is a load of crap...", you say,
but I would like to hear the facts that make it a fact. From you.
I've heard about God, but can we really KNOW anything about God? Looking for
facts, I think God and the aliens stand about equal chances...
The kind of God I imagine would be the source of all life, allright, but
that doesn't rule out evolution, and it certainly doesn't prove that life
corresponding the human level on other planets must be physically and
mentally like us. And I'm not at all sure that I am the misguided one.
Rather, in my experience, religious fanatics are the ones who got it all
wrong, so I think it's you who need good luck to find the light.

- chris

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