Cranial Nerve degeneration

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>>It is her impression that while her neurologist is competent, she is not
>>'doing enough' to research this rare disease and exchange information with
>>other specialists in different centers across the world.
>I am not an MD, but I know (and you probably know too) that Thiamine (B1)
>deficiency leads to cranial nerve weakness (laryngeal, face & tongue). Could
>that be why the scans look normal? Other specific vectors can cause cranial
>nerve degeneration, such as certain types of tuberculosis-related critters. 
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You would also expect to see cognitive impairmant - encoding of short
term memory to long term memory and some frontal signs if this was the
case.  In addition, I I suspect that brain scans would not be normal
if thyamine deficiency was the case.


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