Pathological Findings

Michelle Helms-gaddie DQSA45A at
Sat Aug 8 13:55:07 EST 1998

After receivng a DPT shot my 2 year-old son died.  Zachary's brain had swollen to 1400 grams which is the size of a 16 year-old male child.  Everyone agrees that edema caused his death.  However, based on the neurological pathological findings of the autopsy slides, two differing opinions have emerged. They are as follows: 

1.  Hypoxic episode (gradual suffocation over a period of several hours).
2.  Toxic insult (acute toxic encephalopathy resulting from the pertussis vaccine).

Could you please direct me where to find the following information?

1. When a 2 year-old child suffocates, what neurological pathological findings would one expect to see on autopsy, and in what amount of time would those findings present themselves?

2. That the DPT vaccine (as opposed to the pertussis/whooping cough disease)has toxic substances (endotoxins) contained within it when manufactured.

Thank you,

Michelle Helms-Gaddie

P.S.  I appreciate any time you afford me -- It is important for me to know what killed my       Zachary.

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