What the mind is capable of before its time

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Sat Aug 8 07:13:41 EST 1998

Words from a man who could never have envisaged the Internet.
"People often talk as if nothing were easier than for two
 naked minds to "meet" or become aware of each other.
 But I see no possibility  of their doing so except in a 
common medium which forms their " external world "
 or environment. Even our vague attempt to imagine 
such a meeting between two disembodied spirits usually
 slips in surreptitiously the idea of, at least, a common space
 and common time, to give the co_ in coexistance a meaning: 
and space and time are already an environment."

The Problem of Pain, Professor C.S.Lewis 1940

There are some things that are beyond explanation
 to the human mind. Believe it first then understand

Carol T

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