Can a cell grow new mitochondria after they have been damaged by free radicals?

Tom Matthews tmatth at
Sat Aug 8 01:36:33 EST 1998

For those in bionet.neuroscience who are new to this thread. William
<uoftruth at> is an intelligent, sincere, friendly,
appreciative, and respectful 18 year old who recently began asking some
very interesting questions and catalyzing some very interesting

ufotruth at wrote:
> Tom Matthews,
> In your opinion do you think there is anyway that braincells could be
> replaced somehow or divide without causing memory loss? If you even
> have any ideas please post them on here.

I am not any kind of expert in neuroscience. The reason why I added
bionet.neuroscience to the ng list for this portion of the thread is to
get some input about just such questions.

> I think it is very important
> that a way is created to either replace damaged/dying/dead braincells
> or let other braincells divide without causing memory loss.

Or completely fix/prevent the damage and loss of the brains cells which
we have.

> It may be
> very hard or take another 500 years to accomplish BUT it must be
> possible. In my opinion almost nothing is impossible.

That's the spirit!

> Also, I was just thinking. If you did not replace damaged brain cells
> they would die anyway and you would have memory loss.

That is correct. It *the* major cause of the memory loss from
Alzheimer's disease, and *a* major cause of all mental decline with

> So, I guess it
> could be memory loss with healthy brain cells verses memory loss with
> dead brain cells.

Yes, in this sense if you could induce a new cell to replace every dying
brain cell this would be a major benefit. While the interconnections and
synapse states of the old cell might be lost, the new cell would quickly
become integrated into the brain and contribute to the overall activity.
In addition, the distributed nature of memory might allow the new cell
to "learn" the role of the old one from the other cells, so that little
or now memory would be lost.

> Thank you very much for all of your very informative responses and
> posts! Take care and have a great day!

See what did I tell you.
It is such a pleasure (and so rare on the ngs) to have genuine
appreciation like this that one feels "compelled" to respond in kind.

Tom Matthews
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