Ulnar nerve damage?

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Sat Aug 8 18:07:05 EST 1998

Good day:
My girlfriend sustained a severe blow to the elbow resulting in a
reaction described by many as the"funny bone".	The problem being is that she
is suffering from ALOT of pain in the elbow and surrounding muscles.  She 
experiences shooting pain into the forearm and bicep, along with numbness in
the hand and fingers which has subsided.  She describles the pain as being
very sore along with muscle fatigue similar to the result of a heavy work out
of the muscles in the arm. When she wakes in the morning the elbow is
extremely stiff and painful.  The stiffness and pain tend to reduce as she
moves the arm and joint.  This injury took place approx 5 weeks ago, the
pains continues on a daily basis.  She has had Xrays and an MRI...nothing of
significance was found other than minor fluid in the joint.  No diagnosis of
any significance was made by the Orthopedist.
We are frustrated with the
diagnosis( or lack there of) and course of action recommended by the
Ortho...she was off work for 3 weeks and cold therapy seems to help a little.
 It does not seem to be getting much better.
Any insight as to what might be
happening, what could be expected, and a course of action will be

Thank you 
Brandon N Davison

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