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>> Only in the past 2-3 centuries, with acelerating pace, has
> rigorous application of the scientific method begun to answer those
>> questions which are susceptible of answers.
I guess you are referring to that the Christians burned the remains of
the druid knowldege as far as they could forbidding the senses leading
to magic by death punishment so they could declare what Jesus did to
be of some God and shovel money in these days straight via the
government getting the taxes for them here, then the Protestants and
others elsewhere broke off, then Inquisition was stopped and finally
the loss of data could be worked out but thatabout the senses was
nearly gone, so that they had to build machines to perceive what
others perceived with the mind who therefore never had the idea to
build machines for that.
Surrounded by Christian sense-cripples maybe you feel the need to
prove all, but honestly, say in the area of what you might call
Schizophrenia - whose methods work fastes here on the world with most
of the person feeling O.K. afterwards for quite a while?

Thre is a reason why in many areas the local researcher is the
physical and mental healer and religious spokesman in one.
Within healing concerning many people here onthat world that is making

The division of branches into more and more people not understanding
that well what many of the others do and the detail data of machines
and the like might have brought a lot, but I can see why some Shaman
training is taking that long and why some Western stuff is that easy.
Some of the stuff I hear from over there is very hard to learn and one
of the high-peaks of human research about the mind together with stuff
I keep hearing from India, Autralia and occasionally from various
I believe many of the cultures have researched different stuff about
the mind, and also some of the braindamaged ones have found out
interesting stuff within their weird brains, and it all is poart of
something bigger, sort of like the tree of the mind and the brainches
are just part of it.
The loss of the data caued by the Christians is still heavily upon
this land here and you might try to fake that within 200-300 years you
can recompensate the data loss of so many thousands of years, but that
is not so.

Many people here suffer a lot because against the older healing
systems and those from elsewhere the Westie-system-branches force
their own monopoly and sometimes with pretty bad methods.
So that even a good healer using old ways or good mixes with data of
thousands of years from many places or Earth having brillian results
can not just go here to the insurance and charge money for healing.

Here even branches like Scientology are still having memebers flocking
to them, because that is still better than psychology many think and I
agree, as for me psychology is about the level of the Catholic Church,
only you replace God with THE subconscious and confessions costs your
insurance, but you don't need to do the Rosary to make it up but that
might be left to you after you dug all up in the hope you might get
I can understand why some here go to wierd sects and the like.

This place here is power disrupted and instable in many forms.

They don't need to wail about some French police guy being a forcer of
his system being beat up by forcers from here.
They just need to look at the schools here and at "education", but I
guess that would be too easy.

Cheaper to instable people in prisons, lunibins and other forms of
cages in case the normal taking possession over them is not deemed
sufficient anymore.

We are having the CHRISTIAN DEMPOCRATIC republic here.
And it are not just 49% unfree here, but the system is made that it
are ways more.

The old meaning fof "frank" is lost here ;-)

>> The psychophysical method, as a METHOD, has contributed to our
>> knowledge of how our senses work, and continues to do so . . .
Excuse me - the greates sources about senses that I ever met were
magical branches.
And if that method you mention were that good concerning the senses
then it amazes me that you are not talking about transcending,
telepathy, magic and so on.
But are keeping shut up about the sense which many Christians are
censoring till this day.
Hey, this one guy here talked about 5 and did not know how to get into
another head.
That is sad.

You can learn a little bit about this with a good teacher within about
2-6 days and maybe less, with sense-enhancers hell of a lot within 2-4
hours if you trust the other one enough and he is a decent energy
perception brain teacher.

>and related issues---followed the yellow brick road of neurology---without
>formally giving up their precious field, of course.  It remains, however,
>neurology.  And endocrinology, too, of course.
Well, maybe some day they will finally get it into their head to ask
those who know what the subprograms some of the psche-areas do and how
they are interconnected, or stive to learn directly, and learn more
about hormones and other stuff and get up to some decent healers
levels some day, when also finally learning the magical senses that in
many places it is considered a healer should have and some other old

>> >>          COMMENT: I tend to believe Barbie Dolls are still without
>> >>          consciousness; and consciousness may be rather limited in
>> >>          adults who play with them or attribute consciousness to 
>> >>them.

Ohoh, many men just seem to love women (though they don't have to be
as anorectic, especially concerning the upper chest region) with hair
to their arse and more than would fit into the brain cavities, and the
other ways around some big muslces and little brain do not seem to
keep some Ken's to get their Barbies here.

And some even collect the barbies and brag in front of friends how
many the "have done".

How sad to hear that you believe that they are without consciousness
and just get it attributed to them by others sho believe there must be
some remaining behind to get all that makeup or car-brag-stuff into
place, and that it can't just be automatic Barbie-response-programs
build in. (For Germans: Michael Ende:"Momo"; Bibi-Girl and Bubi-Boy":
"Ich will mehr Sachen!"   ...Nicht, dass hier manche der  Kinder ein
itzikleines bisschen zu extern orientiert erzogen werden...")


>To believe
>that they do, and to believe that they do not, is sheer ideology.
Ever considered to get well enough in magic and self-criticism to be
able to check well?
And to not generalize your perception abilities wiuth those of others?

>I wouldn't be too hasty (and too unhumble) to assume that the general
>population is "basically unthinking." 

No. Here they are having discussions on legalizings of some drugs.
It is already established for them that their body is of someone else
and not their possession, and just how much they still might be
allowed by some others who own their body is still a bit under
So you see that they are still thinking.

The result is that it is established that the body is not the own for
most here and that therefore the FIRST discussion is not to what
extent any other bunch of humans might claim possession over the own
body and hurt you in any form if you are doing with your body what you
want. Same going for stopping in front of some light bulbs and the
The switch box of the traffic light is more intelligent than your
brain, and you cannot be able to know if it is safe to pass a street
you are by definition here too dumb for that, and that is usually
accepted also.

If you tell most people here that Nazis were bad for calling
themselves the Master Race of the world, they will repeat that that
was not good.
Next you tell them that they are the First World around the sun and
others are the third world around the sun, some of whom you suppressed
in the past with violence. And many will repeat after you "I AM of the
FIRST World!!!"

Admittledly that is a sign that the genearl population is still doing
basic thinking.
I'd say that to be the First World of the Universe is a better post
than being Master Race of Earth. So therefore I can see the point.
Though I do not understand why when keeping other people of the other
mammal & some other races in cages for occasional teddy functions,
food, to cut out areas of the brain or stick stuff into them, to drag
them around on some leash, and so on, why we could not keep it Master
Race of THE First World of the Godly Solar System of the Prime Galaxy
or the Best Galaxy Cluster... Maybe some other real humble stuff

Notice: Already our radio- and T.V. speakers here tend to know that
the thinking masses like to hear: "GERMANY WON the football game" but
"THE TEAM lost". Understanding that you are understanding a lot about
the thinking masses. And a bit about testosterone of males and what it
does in the brain...    

>... you do not know to whom you are speaking,
Well, with good luck the reply when asking about that might be:
"Which of my "I"s are you referring to?  
With bad luck you first have to find out about all previous
incarnations as jelly fish, worms, vermin, farious spineles beings,
several gorillas who all eneded with rabies, a career as several
historically great or fantasywise personalities, most with several
"I's till ways back to first life in the ocean before the other one is
getting more to the point...
...Maybe getting there in one of your next incarnations - first maybe
as a stone so you can follow the whole load patiently.



But seriously, most people I know do not know themselves well either,
and the ones who know and tell people which areas of the brain they
are and some stuff about the other ones might get called schizos,
nutters or the like.   
In some cultures most children and older folks are also not striving
for improving innerly and working on inner balances and advancements
like some do in some Eastern areas.
So a lot there might have thought about themselves and know themsleves
so little, that if YOU don't know whom you are talking to that is
making just another one.

And some have fled behind so many masks that they might have lost
track themselves what's them and what's the masks.
And where the lies start and truth stops.
And many don't (want to) care. 

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