John Mihic jmihic at wfubmc.edu
Mon Aug 10 18:12:05 EST 1998

In article <1998081020245900.QAA18104 at ladder01.news.aol.com>, 
capaliwoda at aol.com says...
>I wish to report a bizarre crime situation in the Maple 
>Heights, Ohio area (a suburb of Cleveland, USA) using a 
>form of radiation-based mind control.   A criminal gang is 
>entrapping and torturing victims with radiation 
>bombardment (deliberately trying to produce brain 
>injuries), electronic rape, transmission of rabid screech 
>"voices" (sound simulation being possible), 
>round-the-clock force-fed verbal communications, and  

It's true, every word of it.  In fact it's happening to me right now as I sit 
at my keyboa ...  BBBZZZZZZZTTTTTT....eeeek...BBZZZZZTT  help....BBBZZZZTTTT

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