brain simulation

Terry Smith root* at
Tue Aug 11 12:04:12 EST 1998

> From: cijadra at (Cijadrachon)
> Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 20:37:58 GMT

>I just read an article in Science magazine about that monkey having a
>of her brain with fNMR (dynamic, real time magnetic resonance)
>and I had
>that thought: I think that researchers struggle to create a human-like,
>artificial brain.

> So it is a monkey and not a person and we are not an ape, and

We are an ape. A monkey isn't. Why, with your level of ignorance, do you
persist in dribbling into a neuro*science* group? Take it to the
philosophical onanism areas.

|Apana: Honourably a $cientology Offically Suppressive Organisation.

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