A hypothetical example...

Rugrat johnhkm at logicworld.com.au
Sun Aug 16 07:38:13 EST 1998

Tony Johnson wrote in message <35B397A7.BF6F010D at juno.com>...
>Mentifex wrote:
>> Somewhere before or beyond the Millennium lies a crack in time, a
>> fork in the ontology of conscious and intelligent beings on Earth.
>-describe to you're self in your own words, what the difference is you
>observe between the colors blue and red...

In your own words? So who here has a word they can call their own?

Blue and red, firings of relevant cell arrays in LGN correspond closely with
people's reportage of how they perceive the whole spectrum of colors. ie. We
see these colours because our brains are made to see these colours. Human
beings, irrespective of culture, we make similiar reports on the colour
spectrum. The difference can now, even if still approximately, be discerned
by the way our brain differentiates the light spectrum.
Don't chase ghostly qualia, the neural firing is the percept.


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