Chapter One: What Is A Meme? ("grok"?)

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>>  We are jumping the gun on Chapter Eight: Advanced Memetic Tech-     
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>>  the Meme, but let us all thank Marshall Paul for his question.

>  <<snipped the ungrokable>>  You're welcome, but could you
>  repeat that in ordinary standard English that so I won't have
>  to feel so stupid for not understanding you?

 "Grok" is a word from the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein's
  book, "Stranger in a Strange Land," about a Martian who comes to
  Earth but must live in a pool of water.

 "Grok" has an ultimate meaning of "to drink water" and a figurative
  meaning of "to understand something totally, absolutely, and without
  any smidgeon left not understood."  For example, Steve Wozniak, and
  ONLY Steve Wozniak, groks the Apple ][ Computer.  It was a direct
  metempsychosis (oh, no! here we go again) of Woz's ideas about
  computer design into das Unding, das Meisterwerk of the Apple Two.

 "Grok" is a guruvy word of the 1980's and 1990's, because people
  love to correct anyone who uses the word "grok" in any way that
  indicates anything less than total understanding.  Alles klar?

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