Chapter Two: If Memes Do Not Exist, Why Do They Matter?

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Mon Aug 17 10:01:44 EST 1998

In article <35D7A9D4.566CAB86 at>, Drox wrote:
>Mentifex wrote:

>> we humans not die?  It is a time-honored meme that life matters to
>> life, and mind matters to mind.
>One needn't react with horror.  Continuing the analogy... Not all that

>Why sadly?  Nice thing about this particular torch is that one needn't
>give it up to pass it along.  It replicates!  You can have your torch
>and pass it too!

	Sure, ever heard of Reciprocal Shiftiness?  Basically, 
even if computerized automata were to replace humans, once we program them
to assist us, maybe they will return the favor by programming us to 
assist them, returning the power to us...

	And, other Shifties believe we humans may have _already_ been
macroassembled by a sort of bootstrapping bucket brigade.

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