Sensory perception (neurobiology query)

K C Cheng kccheng at
Thu Aug 20 08:03:55 EST 1998

Richard Rolfe wrote:
> 1. Are action potentials ever transmitted along dendrites or only along
> axons?
> 2. Does anyone know the rate of transmission of neurotransmitters eg
> acetylcholine across nematode cuticles and if there are likely to be
> receptors for neurotransmitters at the end of the anterior sense organs
> (amphids in nematodes).
> Thanks,
> Rik
Re the 1st: action potentials are surely transmitted along dendrites as
well. Lots of literature on this. Sorry, I'm too busy etc. right now to
find and quote them for you.   But try the huge American Physiological
Society Handbook, volumes on neurons. 
kccheng ¾G«a¸s

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