Continuous Cells, Seat of Consciousness

Tom Matthews tmatth at
Thu Aug 20 03:21:45 EST 1998

Apollyon wrote:
> Are there any cells in the human body that we are born with
> and retain throughout our lives?
> (Cell division doesn't count, I mean original cells).

Neurons, at the least.

> PS.  Has anyone ever narrowed down what parts of
> the brain would have to be preserved for the continuation
> of conscience and personality given that all the rest of the
> body were to die?

Unfortunately no! There are lots of theories and reasonable guesses but
know realy good evidence because we simply don't yet know enough about
how a brain operates as a "mind". From a life-extension and particularly
cryonics point of view that is the most important unsolved problem in

> If this is the wrong group please tell me where I should
> look.

I have done so by crossposting my reply to bionet.neuroscience and
expanding the subject line.

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