Chapter Three: Three Memes In Search Of A Publisher

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Sun Aug 23 07:37:09 EST 1998

Now, of course, memetics is an intellectual scam, a Sokalesque
hoax Enver Hoxha'ed upon the fertile pregressitudes of early-ad-
opters everywho.  Shall I compare memes to a summer haze? Let
me count the ways in which scams-o-memic appeal to the Glaubens-
Wunsch of the Wotnot Wobblies:  It is enough to bring tears to the
eyes of every old Hochstapler and Hundertpassler who has Louvred
among the gullible of Europe.  Art thieves and confidence men,
hucksters and mucksters, forgers of Hitler diaries and interrers
of Piltdown mannikins -- all alike swoon with envy over the take-
flight Meme of Memetics, more perfect than the banana in feeding
all of the people all of the time, in reminding us of the Roman:
"Fere libenter homines id quod non volunt credunt," which luserly
translates to, "Almost willingly humans believe what they don't
really want to believe."

Diabolically, Memes are the perfect intellectual fruit for leading
minds astray, because there is just enough shimmer and gleam to
the Schein of memes to obscure the Sein of memes:  Nil novi sub
sole -- nothing new under the sun.  But just as "Non omne quod
licet honestum est," likewise not everything phony and baloney
is too intellectually mephitic to be used for nobel purposes, or
in association with the advancement of science, as for instance:

         <H3> Three Memes in Search of a Publisher </H3>

H*y*m*a*n K*a*p*l*a*n will present the awards from his meme-chair:
1. Book: "The Art of the Meme" needs a co-author and a publisher.
2. An advertisement-free Web portal which raises your *IQ on-line.
3. A revolutionary Theory of Mind which is changing the world:

  /^^^^^^^^^^^\ The Architecture of a Robot Brain /^^^^^^^^^^^\
 /visual memory\           ________   abstract   /  auditory   \
|      /--------|-------\ / syntax \  memory    |    memory     |
|      |  recog-|nition | \________/------------|-------------\ |
|   ___|___     |       |     |flush-vector     |    _______  | |
|  /image  \    |     __|__  / \  _______       |   /stored \ | |
| / percept \   |    /     \/   \/ Verbs \------|--/ phonemes\| |
| \ engrams /---|---/ Nouns \    \_______/      |  \ of words/  |
|  \_______/    |   \_______/-------------------|---\_______/   |
* When you view the Web philosophically you begin to Think Better.

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