PhD-Positions, Tuebingen, Germany

Benjamin Godde Benjamin.Godde at
Mon Aug 24 08:51:51 EST 1998

At the University of Tuebingen, Institute of Medical Psychology and
Behavioral Neurobiology two PhD-Positions will be available immediately
to join the new established junior research group "Cortical
Reorganization and Learning". 
Combining electrophysiological multi-unit recordings and optical imaging
in animal models (rats, cats) in vivo with MEG-, EEG- and fMRI-studies
in humans we characterize the relationships between changing sensory
statistics, learning, and functional reorganization of primary sensory
cortical areas. 
One position is intended for a biologist with a strong background in
electrophysiology and/or optical imaging. 
The other candidate should have knowledge in EEG/MEG to do related
experiments in humans. 

Please contact me at my present address:
 Inst. Neuroinformatik, Theor. Biologie
 D-44780 Bochum

 phone: + (0)234 7007975 
 fax: + (0)234 7094209

 email: Benjamin.Godde at

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