F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Mon Aug 24 22:14:50 EST 1998

Apparently I guessed correctly! (see my reply to your query re "forced
use")  I can just barely read enough German to see that you are indeed
talking about Ed Taub's work and/or some spin-offs from it!  I do not
have a ready reference, but  if you have access to Medline or some such
data base, use his name as a basis for your search.  If not successful,
let me know and I'll  do a s earch myself.

F. LeFever

In <6rhhb4$deu$1 at> "Manfred Hlobil"
<manfred.hlobil at> writes: 
>Ich suche Info- bzw. Filmmaterial zum Thema "forced use"!
>"forced use" wird bei Schlaganfall-Patienten angewendet. Es wird dabei
>gesunde Hand des Patienten eingebunden, um die betroffene Hand wieder
>Vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen!

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