cortex cell density

Dr John E Anderson jander at
Tue Aug 25 19:34:21 EST 1998

Ekkehard Lange wrote:

> I need some information please help me,
> how many cells are in cortex of a rat or man (cells/mm² or mm³)

In Corticonics by Moshe Abeles, Table 1.5.4 lists various parameters for
"a sort of 'average' typical cortex".  In that table, the neuronal
density is 40000/mm^3.  In the text, Abeles notes the following values
for specific cortexes:

            mouse        100000 neurons/mm^3
            monkey        40000 neurons/mm^3
            human         20000 neurons/mm^3

Abeles notes that in *all* cortexes, the density of synapses is about

In Anatomy of the Cortex by Braitenberg and Schuez, p30, the density of
neurons in mouse cortex is given as 90000 neurons/mm^3, which agrees
with Abeles's number above.

Sorry, I don't have any numbers for rat cortex, but hope this helps

John Anderson
Department of Natural Sciences
University of North Florida

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