cortex cell density

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Wed Aug 26 14:11:09 EST 1998

Hello, Ekki.

If we estimate 10^11 cells of all kinds per brain and a brain volume of
approximately 1000 cm^3 or 10^6 mm^3, it follows that the cell density is about
10^5 per mm^3.  If you are only interested in neurons, the density will be
lower than this - about 10^4 per mm^3.  Is that near enough for your purposes?
												Dr. Alan Wheatley.

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>Subject:	cortex cell density
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>Date:		Tue, 25 Aug 1998 11:23:45 -0700
>Hi ,
>I need some information please help me,
>how many cells are in cortex of a rat or man (cells/mm2 or mm3)
>Thanks and Ciao

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