Thin-film microelectrode (Neurotechnology) reviews

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Fri Aug 28 16:37:16 EST 1998

This is just a little plug for thin-film microelectrodes again, for
applications in neuroscience and neural prosthetics.

Although I have left the field and do not have enough time to update
my bibliography, there have recently been a number of reviews published
in the field. I have added the following references to a "Neurotechnology
reviews" page, which you can access from the main bibliography page:

The older review papers are included for completeness (?). If you get
hold of some of the more recent ones, you should be off to a good start
with getting up to date.

I hope I have not missed something important - I do not have all the
papers with me at present.


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[e-mail for a reprint]

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