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Fri Aug 28 17:13:54 EST 1998

Just wanted to briefly announce the update of a web site that provides a
categorized index of adaptive automation links that I've found extremely
useful. The site addresses the following major areas: algorithms, statistics,
ops research, graph analysis, expert systems, fuzzy logic, neural networks,
and evolutionary computation. The site organizes links to information that a
broad audience should find understandable and useful within the problem
solving technology continuum of advanced heuristic methods. You will find
links FAQs, Newsgroups, Software, Books, Electronic Journals, & Hot Lists.
Adaptive automation is an exciting technology filled with opportunity to
solve seemingly intractable problems. It is also a powerful tool for
developing models of processes and systems that do not yield to traditional
analysis or constructive techniques.

This site is available for your use at:

As always, your comments are welcome.


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