(Beginner-)Books on the brain.

Kristian blasphemy at home.se
Tue Dec 1 12:00:56 EST 1998


I'm looking for books on the brain, for a beginner like me. The main areas
of my interest are what different parts of the brain do, how receptors work,
how addiction work, how different compounds influences the brain, and
..well, yeah, those are my main interests, but pretty much everything is
interesting (maybe that was "pretty much everything" :).

I've ordered Richard Restaks "Receptors" (1994) and I've already read his
"Brainscapes" (1996) which I think was good, but maybe a bit superficial.

The newer the book, the greater (of course), as I imagine a lot has happened
only in these two latest years (for example the discovery that certain
brain-cells can grow back..).

Also of interest would be good, reliable science-papers and www-sites.

Thanks in advance.

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