Wireless connection to brains?

John johnhkm at logicworld.com.au
Tue Dec 1 11:09:20 EST 1998

Thread title caught my attention. An Aus TV science program Quantum carried
a story circa 2 years ago concerning the development of mental switch, a
device that could activated by the individual thinking in a certain style.
It definitely was not words or linguistic in anyway, the device relied on a
fairly well known change; something akin to brain wave changes in certain
conscious states. Most people can learn the trick - it is not hard but some
brains just won't do it. The device was being developed for use by disabled
individuals. Mind you, this was the simplest of switches, only on-off, but
look what computers can do with that.

Sorry, I cannot provides names etc., but this wasn't baloney science. I
haven't seen a thing about it since then so maybe they've had some problems,
but then this field is so vast these days I'm in no position to keep up.
They're getting better all the time.


"Janne Mdntykoski" wrote in message <3663C466.14CC at ntc.nokia.com>...
>I am interested to get information concerning brain research. I am aware
>that brain activities can be measured already with current devices.
>Doesn't it mean that it has been also possible to make a connection
>between the formation of words in our mind and the results of
>measurement of brains?
>Janne.Mantykoski at ntc.nokia.com

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