Does anyone know what orthostatic intolerance is???

Denis Jabaudon jabaudon at
Tue Dec 1 04:49:47 EST 1998

Technically, orthostatic intolerance means that she doesn't feel well when
she is upright. However, I do not understand what this has to do with
sweating feet. If you are talking about orthostatic hypotension, than it
means that she has problems in maintaining a proper blood pressure when she
is standing (ie when she sits up rapidly). This has however nothing to do
with degeneration...
Hard to tell more without more information...

William Byrd wrote in message ...
>Hi.  A friend of mine has orthostatic intolerance and does not sweat on her
>feet. She was told that this was degeneration (I don't know if I spelled
>this right, but it sounds something like this).  However, she can find
>nothing about it in any medical books or on the internet.  Does anyone know
>what this is or anyhting about it or orthostatic intolerance in general?

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