Cijadrachon (Was Re: Validity of CAT scan Images)

Guenther And Rocio Schweigl RED_SCOUT at
Tue Dec 1 17:21:53 EST 1998

Well let's clear the record a few things right now:

1. I was born Austrian but grew up Canadian (And proud of both).  Any
educated person knows that call an Austrian "a German"  (for the reasons you
show in your comments) could be worth a good thrashing.  I hope this
explains why I can't write German.

2. If you don't know what B6 or Phen. Barb. is I guess you are even more of
a layman than I am so the rest of your commments of the treatment and let
alone advise becomes very meaningless.

3. As to your concussion....get your self checked out......I strongly
suspect that you have some serious brain damage!

4. LSD.....your nuts....

5. Loving Father....You have no idea what my wife and I went through to have
our little boy.  He get the best attention and care that we can provide.
PERIOD.  You have no idea how many hours we spent at the hospital at his bed
side just loving him during the first two weeks (for the record 12 to 18
hours a day plus work on the side).   The hospital were he was treat is the
best in the world for childerns problems and they felt that we were some of
the most concerned , loving and capable parents they have seen in a long
time.  We can verify that other babies his age did not recieve the attention
or divotion of the parnet as our son did (we didn't see them).  If you are
suggesting that concern and asking questions, to learn more so that the best
can be provided in all aspects of LOVE AND CARING is a crime, then you are
an idiot who learns nothing and will never be a good parent.

6. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Any special care that
we can provide to help our little guy along is worth it.  As you claim to
know, at his age othert pathways of learning can be achieved in the brain
through proper stimulation.  This for your information is part of the loving

Finally, for your information our son is progressing better then
expect...far better then expected.   All indications to date are that he is
developing as a normal health baby with no problems.

I guess we love our son so much that we will move the world for him.  To bad
your parent didn't do that for you.

I guess that explains why you don't sign you true name to your replies as
you are to scared to have people identfy who you are.

Guenther Schweigl

PS  For those that respond with help information and comments......THANK YOU
from both my wife and I.

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