Non-lethal weapons acting via external manipulation of the Central Nervous System

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> Non-lethal weapons acting via external manipulation of the Central Nervous
> System
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> The study of non-lethal weapons,acting directly via external manipulation of
> the C.N.S,could lead to new means of blocking aggressive behaviours without
> leading to death,such as with conventional weapons.
> 4 types of non-lethal weapons could be achieved in a not so distant future:
> 1. A weapon inducing akinesia,such as seen,for example,in severe parkinsonism
> 2. A weapon inducing catatonia,like in schizophrenic catatonia
> 3.A weapon inducing loss of muscular tone by acting on those nervous
> structures involved in the blockade of motor efferents during dreaming
> 4.A weapon inducing onirism in the form of externally manipulated
> hallucinations
> These weapons do not require any extraordinary technology to achieve. It
> "only" requires the formation of a multidisciplinary group composed of
> neuroscientists and physicists specialised in micro-waves and
> electromagnetism.

Bunch of crap.  Have you turned on your TV recently?  Everything is
already in place and working.  One could drug a crowd nine ways from
Sunday and elicit any behavior desired.  In any case, one need only
threaten to cut off their Welfare (e.g., Los Angeles' Rodney King
riots:  Everything went dead quiet on Welfare Friday - the crowd was
lined up for two blocks to get their checks.)

I bid you remember the French sub-sonic cannon that elicited resonant
intestinal irritation and caused uncontrolled proximate colonic
voiding.  The first time it was tested all the cops and observers pooped
their trousers.  There was no second test.

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