explaining the brain

Gary H. Merrill gmerrill at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 2 16:24:15 EST 1998

Walter Eric Johnson wrote:

> Ray Scanlon (rscanlon at wsg.net) wrote:
> : We aim for a rational explanation of how the brain works.
> Why not aim for a true explanation of how the brain works?

Because that's too hard.  It requires a lot of investigation in terms of molecular
biology, physiology, biochemistry, and all that other stuff that is really
*hard*.  You know:  endless hours in the lab designing and carrying out empirical
investigations, making testable hypotheses and then testing them.  Yuck!  Who
needs all that?  What a waste of time, money, and effort.  It's much more fun,
fruitful, and cost effective to just speculate in the absence of empirical
criteria and results.

-- Gary Merrill

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