(Beginner-)Books on the brain.

Pam Willoughby pjw106 at york.ac.uk
Wed Dec 2 04:48:07 EST 1998

Kristian <blasphemy at home.se> wrote in article
<36641a1c.7350868 at nntpserver.swip.net>...
> Hi.
> I'm looking for books on the brain, for a beginner like me. The main
> of my interest are what different parts of the brain do, how receptors
> how addiction work, how different compounds influences the brain, and
> ..well, yeah, those are my main interests, but pretty much everything is
> interesting (maybe that was "pretty much everything" :).
Try Carlson's "Physiology of Behaviour" - thats a good undergraduate level
textbook with sections on addiction, synapse function etc.  I think it's up
to edition 6 now, which was published very recently.  For a more indepth
book, try something like "Fundamental Neuroscience" - can't remember the
author list, but is copyrighted 1999!  (so up to date...)

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