Non-lethal weapons acting via external manipulation of the Central Nervous System

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Uncle Al wrote:

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> > >  In any case, one need only
> > >threaten to cut off their Welfare (e.g., Los Angeles' Rodney King
> > >riots:  Everything went dead quiet on Welfare Friday - the crowd was
> > >lined up for two blocks to get their checks.)

hehe!  Somehow, it's not hard to believe these mass behavior patterns.  We
see 'em every month in the pharmacy.

> I live in Orange County.  Everything went calm when the eagle shat (as
> the Post Office says).  All the felonious looting and felonious arson
> indictments were commuted to $100 fines.
> No store guarded by an owner with a firearm was touched.

Guns R Us!

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Alan Keyes!  What a guy!

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