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>Hi... I am looking information about:
>Purdue Red board
>O'conner Tweezer Dexterity
>O'conner finger dexterity
>grooved peg board
>does any body know how this apparatus works? we have received  in our
>psychologist lab these without any manual.  Well thanks a lot,
>kind regards

Perhaps you mean "Purdue Peg Board"?  I have used it, as well as the
Grooved Peg Board.  Have not used the  O'Connor tests.

NORMS for the two pegboard tests are not very good, so far as I know. 
Will try to remember to get references at work tomorrow.  For example,
I know of norms for right-left differences, but they are not very good
for level of overall performance.

You might better develop local norms, anyway (cross-cultural
"translation" of tests don't work well otherwise).

re procedures: will try to remember to provide these as well; won't
attempt precise description now because memory for details might be
faulty.  Basically, one does a trial with one hand, then the other,
simply putting the pegs in.  The Purdue has also a more complicated
trial using washers and pegs, "assembling" them at each hole.
Subjects are told (and shown) to forget dropped pegs and go back to the
well for a new peg.  Pegs are to be picked up one peg at a time, using
only the hand designated for that trial (i.e., no "help" from the other
hand to align the peg)... etc.

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