Wireless connection to brains?

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Wed Dec 2 00:17:46 EST 1998

The sort of application John refers to was the theme of a session at
the Society for Neuroscience meeting last month; might be able to
locate it via www.sfn.org

F. LeFever

In <74140h$gig$1 at news.bix.asn.au> "John" <johnhkm at logicworld.com.au>
>Thread title caught my attention. An Aus TV science program Quantum
>a story circa 2 years ago concerning the development of mental switch,
>device that could activated by the individual thinking in a certain
>It definitely was not words or linguistic in anyway, the device relied
on a
>fairly well known change; something akin to brain wave changes in
>conscious states. Most people can learn the trick - it is not hard but
>brains just won't do it. The device was being developed for use by
>individuals. Mind you, this was the simplest of switches, only on-off,
>look what computers can do with that.
>Sorry, I cannot provides names etc., but this wasn't baloney science.
>haven't seen a thing about it since then so maybe they've had some
>but then this field is so vast these days I'm in no position to keep
>They're getting better all the time.
>"Janne Mdntykoski" wrote in message <3663C466.14CC at ntc.nokia.com>...
>>I am interested to get information concerning brain research. I am
>>that brain activities can be measured already with current devices.
>>Doesn't it mean that it has been also possible to make a connection
>>between the formation of words in our mind and the results of
>>measurement of brains?
>>Janne.Mantykoski at ntc.nokia.com

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