(Beginner-)Books on the brain.

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> Hi.
> I'm looking for books on the brain, for a beginner like me. The main areas
> of my interest are what different parts of the brain do, how receptors work,
> how addiction work, how different compounds influences the brain, and
> ..well, yeah, those are my main interests, but pretty much everything is
> interesting (maybe that was "pretty much everything" :).
> I've ordered Richard Restaks "Receptors" (1994) and I've already read his
> "Brainscapes" (1996) which I think was good, but maybe a bit superficial.
> The newer the book, the greater (of course), as I imagine a lot has happened
> only in these two latest years (for example the discovery that certain
> brain-cells can grow back..).
> Also of interest would be good, reliable science-papers and www-sites.
> Thanks in advance.
> Kristian
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I would suggest the Neuroscience Guide at http://neuroscience.miningco.com.
It is the best neuroscience portal on the web with links to every quality
site and brief descriptions of each site.

David Olmsted

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