spatial memory potentiation.

kkollins at kkollins at
Tue Dec 1 20:38:04 EST 1998

Yes. If you're an a businessman, develop crib "mobiles" that have one
thing all-together (like a toy automobile), and all of its basic parts
out on other arms of the mobile... the Infant in the crib will study it,
and Learn to "put it together" in its "mind"... an excellent, and
highly-useful, skill to get an early-start with... BTW, the observables
of the inherent Learning only show up =much= later in Life, but their
degree is commensurate with the early Learning. (Don't expect an Infant
to be an auto mechanic by age 2 :-)

Anything that can be broken-up and "mobilized", in this way, works. ken

Davide Consonni wrote:

> Does it's possible to potentiate spatial menory?

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