Cijadrachon (Was Re: Validity of CAT scan Images)

Meilleur Sebastien meilleus at MAGELLAN.UMontreal.CA
Tue Dec 1 20:33:47 EST 1998

Don't worry about this Cijadrachon guy. He's totally brain dead. He
insulted me for days because I do experiments on rats.

Don't even read his comments. he's on some kind of drug.

Guenther And Rocio Schweigl (RED_SCOUT at wrote:
: Well let's clear the record a few things right now:
: 1. I was born Austrian but grew up Canadian (And proud of both).  Any
: educated person knows that call an Austrian "a German"  (for the reasons you
: show in your comments) could be worth a good thrashing.  I hope this
: explains why I can't write German.
: 2. If you don't know what B6 or Phen. Barb. is I guess you are even more of
: a layman than I am so the rest of your commments of the treatment and let
: alone advise becomes very meaningless.
: 3. As to your concussion....get your self checked out......I strongly
: suspect that you have some serious brain damage!
: 4. LSD.....your nuts....
: 5. Loving Father....You have no idea what my wife and I went through to have
: our little boy.  He get the best attention and care that we can provide.
: PERIOD.  You have no idea how many hours we spent at the hospital at his bed
: side just loving him during the first two weeks (for the record 12 to 18
: hours a day plus work on the side).   The hospital were he was treat is the
: best in the world for childerns problems and they felt that we were some of
: the most concerned , loving and capable parents they have seen in a long
: time.  We can verify that other babies his age did not recieve the attention
: or divotion of the parnet as our son did (we didn't see them).  If you are
: suggesting that concern and asking questions, to learn more so that the best
: can be provided in all aspects of LOVE AND CARING is a crime, then you are
: an idiot who learns nothing and will never be a good parent.
: 6. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Any special care that
: we can provide to help our little guy along is worth it.  As you claim to
: know, at his age othert pathways of learning can be achieved in the brain
: through proper stimulation.  This for your information is part of the loving
: process.
: Finally, for your information our son is progressing better then
: expect...far better then expected.   All indications to date are that he is
: developing as a normal health baby with no problems.
: I guess we love our son so much that we will move the world for him.  To bad
: your parent didn't do that for you.
: I guess that explains why you don't sign you true name to your replies as
: you are to scared to have people identfy who you are.
: Guenther Schweigl
: PS  For those that respond with help information and comments......THANK YOU
: from both my wife and I.

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