the neural net and artificial intelligence

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> Science IS a religion. And all it is is religion.
> It is all based on beliefs.
> The initial assumptions are beliefs.
> Any manipulation of beleifs can only yield beliefs.

FWIW, I agree with you on this =one= point.

It's "just" that there's a need to understand the Forces imposed upon folks who just want to do Science... if one
"Disagrees" with the "powere-that-be" in Science, one gets "locked-out"... the Consequences of such, with respect
to what Science is professed to be, are substantial.

But for Young folks, just coming up in Science, it's either "accept" the Dictates of the "powers-that-be" in
Science, or get locked-out... and getting locked-out, when one's just coming-up, is a =hard= way to "Die".

So, you see, it's not Scientists... it's the perpetuation of "the way things are supposed to be" that derives in
the way =all= of our nervous systems process information... Scientists are "just" Human Beings... the need is to
=Understand= of the Universal Victimhood, and Choose Lovingly with respect to that which is Understood. ken

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