Talking to yourself again? (Was: On Prejudice)

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Wed Dec 2 00:35:30 EST 1998

In <366493B2.682CF5BA at> kkollins at
>Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
>> kkollins at wrote:
>> : I did some solid work in Neuroscience... was overjoyed... but when
I looked, I saw
>> : that, 2000 years ago, Jesus obviously Knew all the stuff that I
thought I'd
>> : "Discovered".
>> What in particular did Jesus know about neuroscience and how
>> do you know that he knew?
>You know, I've been hoping, for years, that someone'd give me an
opening like this...
>but I'm gonna let it pass because our "interaction" has left me
"disheartened". I've
>discussed it, not completely, but sufficiently, elsewhere. I've
discussed it a bit in
>this Newsgroup. I'll discuss it again, but not now... ken collins

Thanks for small favors...

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